APPF Presents DR. Gus Mueller PhD

Join us for an inspirational conversation with Dr. Gus Mueller – World Renowned Lecturer And Author In Audiology, as we discuss audiology over the past 50 years.

0:20 Introduction of Dr. Gus Mueller
4:10 Introduction of Dr. Kara Hoffman
05:00 Introduction of Sybrand Strauss
05:56 Who is APPF
08:06 Best practice in audiology
12:21 Needs assessment
16:14 Why is speech & noise testing important?
19:03 Speech & noise testing
27:09 Importance of frequency-specific MPO changes
33:14 Risks of buying over-the-counter hearing aids
36:25 Verification to fit a hearing aid
39:54 Important features to look for in equipment
45:18 A well-fitted hearing aid
48:04 Audiology hacks and tips
52:25 Interesting audiology memory

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