APPF presents Fanie du Toit

Join us for an inspirational conversation with Fanie about hearing loss as a disability, what a functional report is, the importance of a functional report and what is a functional impairment and his association with NCPD.

0:08 Introduction of Fanie du Toit
2:29 What is the difference between a functional report and an audiology report?
7:58 What are functional case history and functional disability?
12:21 Who is required to write a functional report?
15:35 NCPD & your affiliation IDA institute
18:21 What are the NCPD’s current concerns?
22:26 What constitutes a permanent disability?
28:15 Do you offer training on Functional reporting?
30:08 What qualifies you for a disability fund?
32:52 What can we, as audiologists, do better?

Protocols for identifying the functional needs and the reasonable accommodation of a deaf or hearing impaired person:

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