APPF Presents Janine Schnugh BA (Sp&H.Th) Hons

Join us for a inspirational conversation with Janine as we discuss single-sided deafness, sudden onset hearing loss, and being a bass guitarist.

0:48 When did you open your practice?

4:07 How does your practice run, and what type of patients do you see?

7:48 What is your favourite cross-add to be working with?

8:45 CROSS and Baha – Which type of healing assistance is better?

10:08 How do you assess which product to provide to a patient?

11:55 Do you ever ask patients to get a cochlear implant?

13:43 Have you seen an uptake in hearing loss due to COVID?

15:01 How important is it to guide your patient?

17:28 When should a GP refer a patient to an Audiologist or ENT?

21:14 Sybrand and you have something in common…music

23:20 With your experience and passion for hearing protection, what do you offer?

26:55 The benefits of music

29:47 Have you noticed that people do their research before seeing an audiologist?

32:10 Why buying hearing aids online is not always a good idea

39:59 Message to the public

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