APPF Presents Lauren Thompson (BSc. Audiology)

Join us for a inspirational conversation with Lauren as we discuss Vestibular Assessment and Rehabilitation

1:20 What makes you passionate about a vestibular patient?
3:47 What is the multi-disciplinary team that you work with?
4:11 Do you sometimes first do a brief screening?
6:54 Has VNG changed?
8:12 From when you became an audiologist to now, how have things changed?
10:28 Who will benefit from Vestibular Rehabilitation?
13:05 When someone is experiencing dizziness when is the right time to see an audiologist?
15:01 What questions should someone ask when booking an appointment?
18:08 When a patient is on meds from a GP for dizziness, should it be long term?
19:07 Recommendations before coming in for a hearing test?
20:11 What are you passionate about as an independent audiologist?
21:18 What is it like working with Kara?
22:11 Keeping your patient calm during the examination
25:07 What equipment do you have?
25:38 Have you seen positive outcomes from the rehab?
26:39 What are your recommendations for new audiologists?
29:59 What makes you excited about audiology as an independent audiologist?
31:32 Do you have any audiology hacks?

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