APPF Presents Sarah Buitendag

Join us for an inspirational conversation with Sarah AS WE DISCUSS Becoming a practice owner, hearing protection, and her thoughts on over-the-counter hearing aids.

0:57 Introduction of Sarah Buitendag
2:41 What is your motto?
4:37 What words do you live by?
5:58 Tips to prevent burnout
7:43 Over the counter hearing aids…good or bad?
12:22 What has been the most difficult periods in your career?
15:12 Advice to 21 year old you
16:04 What area of audiology are you passionate about?
18:18 When it comes to musicians, what do you see most?
20:54 Hearing loss does not happen only when you are old
27:14 How much do custom in-ear monitors cost?
29:10 Do you have a preferred supplier?

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